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Find necessary hi-tech product easy and comfortable with 4Prototypes, a home for solar products, solar gadget, solar powered gadgets and all kind of solar devices. We have everything! Find necessary hi-tech product easy and comfortable. Find solar energy products with a few clicks.

Solar gadgets and solar devices, all kinds

If you are interested to buy solar battery, and find the best solution, you are in a right place. Every consumer of 4Prototypes can find all kinds of portable, outdoor,  big and small solar panels which enable renewable energy for home and work. Find the cool devices, buy the coolest. For cheap cost. Every kind of solarpanel devices to provide you with a new way of generating electricity. Amazing solutions for camping, all from original manufacturers. We’re the best online shop for those who love alternative power solutions. Generator powered by sun energy are here for sale as well. Residential solutions. Click or phone us to get products and toys for you kids or pool party. We have great price building approach, so your solar panel or solar module to equip your house or garden  with a new heating device, charger, cell, kit or kits. These gadgets are waiting for you, so check out all the information and product list. We have lights, and they are powered by sun.

Solar Devices and Solar Energy Products Are Waiting for You

Solar devices and solar energy for home and office. Solar gadgets is a new reality instead of traditional heater system devices. We have the latest gadgets for sale, all models for an affordable cost are waiting for you. Check our huge list – you can find what you need to make an well-thought choice. We have the best deals and there is no doubt in it. Surprise yourself with gadgets for solar power that as affordable as possible! It’s easy to make your decision with 4Prototypes. Solar devices and solar products are easy to buy, and they are easy to use. You can buy these devices with a few clicks. We operate in all countries and cities, from Paris to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego!

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