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Find necessary hi-tech product easy and comfortable with 4Prototypes. If you’re looking for door and window sensors, or even more – the best door sensors and best window sensors, then you’re in a right place. Find door sensors for sale. If you want to buy window sensors, you are in a right place. We have the best proposals! Top door and window sensors for sale, all kinds available. Buy these products just with a few clicks. Find necessary hi-tech product easy and comfortable.

Door Sensors for Sale

Smart home door lock is what you need to make your life more safe. We have smart home locks and smart door locks. Top smart door locks are waiting here for affordable price! Best bluetooth keyless remote automated  smart locks for the best prices. Control your home from a smartphone, just using the app. Electronic door entry with keypad system are also available. Key to your front door can be digital! Deadbolt Lock is a stylish electronic lock offering Z-Wave wireless access to communicate with it, while locks with built-in Wi-Fi circuitry or a Wi-Fi bridge will tell your phone to “unlock the front door,” and the lock will disengage. Isn’t it awesome? We propose affordable cost. Every device has many reviews from our users. Find top smart lock devices, smart lock systems, and overall all kinds of smart security devices easily with 4Prototypes.

Door Sensors for Sale

Best home sensor system is what you need to make your life more comfy. We have smart systems with alarm technology for your home. Assure your family security with smart security system that controls all doors in a house. Protect windows with sensors. We have Magnetic mini self-adhesive wired contact, including The JA-110B which is a bus glass-break detector which recognizes the sounds of smashing window panes. We have Aksi The JA-110M bus module is used to connect wired magnetic door/ window, and the JA-111M which is designed for the detection of windows or door open. Wireless wifi technology combined with magnets and motion detection can easily protect your front door. Motion sensor door chime, all kind of alarms with sensor contacts are the new wave in security technologies industry.

Window Sensors for Every Need

Window sensors of all kinds are waiting. We have the latest models for sale, all models for an affordable cost. Check our huge list – you can find what you need to make a well-thought choice. We have the best deals and there is no doubt in it. Change your life with door and window sensors which are as affordable as possible! It’s easy to make your decision with 4Prototypes. We operate in all countries and cities, from Paris to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego!

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