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Find latest best electronic devices and other  equipment to help you lifting in a gym or on your street band or bench workout while you exercise. There are thousands of must have devices, compatible with your smart watch. We have different tech lines for sale, both for men and women. We have waterproof watches, calorie trackers to help you tracking your weight, elliptical trainers, compatible treadmill machines, and overall all kind of treadmills, wearable bluetooth gadgets, connected to a cycle fitness GPS tracking devices, new rowing machine, multi fitness wristband tools, smith equipment, new electronic bikes, and other wearables and health gadgets. If you like different types of activity and prefer cool solutions to track your physical state, we are happy to provide you with smart bracelet to monitor step quantity within a day, heart rate tracker, bands, blood pressure tracker, digital personal trainer available online.

Health and Fitness Devices Will Help You Get a Better Life

Ride you golf machine or your bike and actually calculate medical impact on your Apple iPhone iHealth app or on your Android device. Care about yourself with our mobile fitness gadgets and fitness products! Make a comparison of products and fitness devices based on reviews, have a little break to think, and buy a new technology for health and healthcare. Find out what’s the best if you prefer to work on your body at home, decide on a buying, and buy! Don’t waste your time staying in kitchen or in front of TV and change yourself with 4Prototypes. Buy our fitness products easily.Health monitoring is important, because if you ignore it one day you can find yourself in a hospital. Compare your health state, stay in line with changes and become better. We operate in all countries and cities, from Paris to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego!

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